Dear Guests!

Our holiday apartments shall give you a feeling of being 'home away from home'. We hope that you find everything that you need to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The following house rules shall give guidance for a harmonic stay for all guests. We appreciate your careful treatment of the apartment and the Casa Praia Mar Villa as this will help us to offer you and other guests the facilities that you would like to find yourself.


We see ourselves as a small and thus very personal holiday letting location for guests who want to spend a lovely family holiday and enjoy peace and relaxation - we are not a party location. Loud partying at night hours is not really what your neighbours will be looking for. Thank you for your consideration. If you miss anything in the apartment, have any reason for criticism (no matter if positive or negative) or if you need any help and assistance, please contact us.


It is very common in many Southern European countries, that gas ovens are installed - like in this rental property. Please take a moment to pay attention to our detailed gas safety advice handouts that you find in the apartments. Please note that dishes should only be returned to the cabinets when they are clean and dry. The same applies to cutlery, pots and other equipments that you have used. We ask you to clean the stove and especially the oven regularly after use, so that any residuals do not burn in. Other guests are looking forward to finding these devices as clean as you would like to find them.


Since there is no trash collection service in the Algarve that picks up the waste from the property, any trash has to be disposed of in centrally and conveniently placed trash cans that you find almost everywhere alongside the streets. The closest garbage bins for residual waste is located about 50m to the left of the property. We ask you to dispose your waste with the appropriate regularity on your own. If you decide to recycle, please dispose plastics & metals in the yellow bins, paper goes into the blue ones and glass in the green trash cans.

Number of guests:

It is not permitted to accommodate a larger number of guests in the leased property than agreed upon with the lettor by the lettee as part of the rental agreement. The term 'to accommodate' includes but is not limited to any overnight stay, any sub-letting (no matter if paid or free of charge to thirds) or regular presence of visitors of the renter in the rented apartment or in the common areas.


Smoking is only allowed outside. Please dispose any debris (packaging, cigarette butts, ashes, etc.) properly and promptly. Furthermore, we ask you to take care that cigarette smoke does not enter the apartment. Please be considerate in presence of non-smokers. Thank you for your understanding.


Please do not dispose any hygienic products (such as wet-wipes, pads, nappies, etc.) in the toilet as this will very often lead to clogging.  


The rental includes the use of the communal pool. As there is no pool supervision, please supervise in particular accompanying non-swimmers. Nocturnal swimming is unfortunately not allowed due to the increased risk of accidents.

Rest periods:

Even if the evenings are long and the mood is high, please respect other guests and your immediate surroundings. In the spirit of a good neighborhood, we suggest a rest period from 22:00 until 8:00 o'clock and from 12:00 to 14:00. Since the use of the pool might go hand in hand with the emission of noise, we ask for consideration towards other guests.


No one damages things on purpose - but it can happen to anyone that something gets accidentally broken. We would be glad, if you inform us of any damages as soon as possible so that we do not notice them by coincidence long after your departure or at the final cleaning. Thank you for your understanding that mindfully or unmindfully assented and accepted or even willingly intended major damages are to be compensated by the tenants.


Bringing pets with you is only permitted if this has been agreed upon between the tenant and the landlord prior the arrival.

Towels and bedsheets:

Towels and bed linen are included in the rental price and are changed weekly. We ask you not to take any towels to the beach.


A weekly cleaning of the apartment is included in the rental price. At the request of the tenant, a more frequent cleaning cycle can be arranged separately for a surcharge. In addition, the accommodation costs include towels, dishwashing and cleaning agents and garbage bags (there are no dishwashers in the apartments). The costs for the mandatory final cleaning after your stay are not included in the daily rental fee. This fee is charged by the landlord in the letting agreement.

Diligence requirements

The tenants are required to treat the rented premises and furnishings as well as the holiday property itself including common areas such as garden and pool area with care. Windows and doors, as well as window / door shutters are to be closed when leaving the apartment, in order to avoid damages, which can develop by wind, rain, other bad weather conditions, etc. When leaving the apartment please make sure that the light is switched off and unnecessary power consumers have been disconnected from the grid (e.g. heating, fans, etc.). The environment and your landlord are very grateful for considerate use of electric power. The landlord is not liable for the property of the tenant. As there is a safe in each apartment we recommend that you deposit your valuables there before leaving the apartment. Since we sometimes have quite strong Northerly winds, we ask you to close and secure the sun umbrellas, specifically if you are not using them. If it is foreseeable or probable that the umbrellas could be damaged by wind force, we ask you to refrain from using the umbrellas in bad weather conditions. Please do not remove umbrellas and sun beds from the terraces or the pool area.


You will receive the keys for the rental apartment at the beginning of the rental period (one up to two sets of keys), which are to be returned after the end of the rental period. In case of loss a compensation of € 20 per missing key is payable.


The tenant allows the landlord or his representative (e.g. cleaning staff, craftsmen, etc.) limited access to the rented property, in case it might become necessary during the stay - for example in case of an emergency, to prevent any further damage or to allow the landlord to fulfill the obligations from this contract (e.g. weekly cleaning or linen change).

Severability clause:

Should individual provisions of these house rules be or become invalid in whole or in part, or should there be a gap in said rules, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead of the ineffective provision or for the purpose to fill the gap, an appropriate regulation or definition shall become effective, which, as far as legally possible, comes closest to what would have been wanted or stated upon the meaning and purpose of these house rules if it had been considered this point by the landlord.

We wish you a pleasant stay, a lot of fun, relaxation and recreation. For questions we are happy to help.

By booking the apartment, we assume that these house rules have been recognized